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Palm Beach Wedding Guide
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Palm Beach Wedding Guide


Palm Beach Florida is a perfect wedding destination for many reasons.


Palm Beach is one of America’s most iconic and visited vacation spots. Palm Beach and West Palm Beach are both beautiful locations that have a lot to offer visitors of any age and interest. Known as “America’s Resort Destination”, Palm Beach has over a century of experience in attracting visitors and most importantly, making them feel at home and providing an amazing vacation experience.

Palm Beach was first envisioned as a Resort Town by Henry Flagler, a wealthy northern industrialist, in the early 1900s. He was able to see the potential in the beautiful scenery, favourable weather and excellent location of the area and he founded the town in the early 1900s. From the beginning, Flagler has a clear objective: to make Palm Beach a playground for overworked Americans to escape their worries and the harsh weather up north and rendezvous with friends and family. Starting with the first resort built here, the Royal Poinciana Hotel, in 1894, to the modern day boutique hotels; Palm Beach has always offered guests from around the world a perfect beach retreat.

The area’s fame has drawn thousands of individuals to the Palm Beaches in search of a laid back lifestyle in an idyllic slice of paradise. Many more arrive each winter to escape the harsh temperatures up North and bask in the balmy weather that the region boasts year around. Yet others simply stop by every year for a few days, a week, or a month, to unwind, reconnect with their loved ones and forget the stress and worry of everyday life. One thing is certain, no matter how you arrive in Palm Beach or why, once you do, you will want to return. It’s no surprise then, to know that the area’s reputation as a resort town is being matched by its rising reputation as a premier wedding destination. Many brides dream of getting married at Palm Beach after only their first visit. They are enchanted by the miles of coastline, lush golf courses, and spas and resorts that dot the city.

There are literally hundreds of venues to choose from, to fit any wedding theme and style. The genuine hospitality displayed by people who have decades of experience in making visitors feel welcome further cements the county as one of the nation’s top wedding locations.


The sheer variety of venues can be broken down into several categories: Gardens & Parks, Country & Golf Clubs, Marine (Yachts and boats), Chic & Unique and Places of Worship. Each type of venue has its unique advantages and characteristics, which the couple should take into consideration. Glam luxury weddings, small intimate affairs, rustic weddings in nature, and traditional ceremonies, no matter what kind of wedding you prefer, there is a venue for it in Palm Beach. For after the big event, there are a number of vacation packages available that can be customized and personalized for each couple to provide the ultimate honeymoon experience. From elopement packages to romantic wedding nights at top notch hotels, the couple will find an itinerary that exceeds their expectations and caters to their romantic dreams.

Palm Beach also has an enormous and varied shopping district, where even the pickiest of brides will find the best accessories, caterers, decorations and attire for their ceremony. There are 12 shopping districts to peruse through, including Wellington, Delray Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, Northwood Village and more. Each one offers a selection of bridal boutiques and services to cater to the growing number of couples who host their wedding in the city. With so many options in caterers, wedding service providers, boutiques and venues to choose from, it can be time consuming and overwhelming for couples interested in a Palm Beach Wedding.

The Palm Beach Wedding Guide aims to help these couples in the planning of their wedding. With the Palm Beach Wedding guide you can start planning your dream destination wedding today. The guide has a comprehensive listing of wedding planners, venues, caterers, bridal boutiques and more in the Palm Beach area.

What are you waiting for?  Contact one of our professionals listed on the Palm Beach Wedding guide and let them help you create your dream Palm Beach wedding today!


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Palm Beach Wedding Destination

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